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Twenty-twenty ushers in the beginning of a new decade and for those of a certain age a time to seriously start thinking about what skills to develop for the design jobs of the coming decade.

Starting my fourth year of teaching design/digital media, I’ve come to learn a thing or two from my students based on both feedback and classroom observations. Here is a list of the skills I think you should have.

Web Design

Learn Frontend / Backend Web design / development + HTML5 / CSS3 + UI / UX + Animation and Translations + Multimedia: video audio table form + show your artistic side with typography.

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Learn responsive web design, SEO, security, and performance tuning.

Digital Marketing

Learn Digital Marketing + Social Media + SEO + SMM

It’s all about the content


Learn JavaScript + PHP/MySQL + Python + Web Development Tools

Learn JavaScript Deeply

Data Science

Learn Automation ML + AI + NLG

AI will touch all facets of digital design

Cloud Computing

Learn Cloud computing + Azure + AWS + Google Cloud. What’s cloud computing you say, start here:

Final Version of NIST Cloud Computing Definition Published

Content Mgmt. Systems

Learn WordPress & Drupal Development + “The Loop” + Custom Content Types + Gutenberg + Yoast + Schedule events + Security + Optimization + Responsive Mobile Design + Hosting + High Performance / Security + Media Management

HTML5 media tags: video and audio

Web Analytics

Learn Google Analytics, get certified in Google Analytics.

Collect, configure, and analyze your data to reach the right audience.

A to Z Guide to Google Analytics infographic is the property of Orbit Media Studios, and is being provided here with the permission of Orbit Media Studios.

How Wordpress works - Web Database Application - 3-tier Architecture

Client tier - the Internet through your browser. Middle tier - Web server (APACHE server listening for requests on virtual port 80) PHP application server (scripting engine). Database tier - Database Management System MySQL.
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rd+c SEO Work Lands Us on Page One of Google SERPS

We've worked very hard over the years to optimize organic search for our clients. We've obtained very good results in some very competitive industries, including law, software, retail, etc. For our own website, getting found on the first page…
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Which is a better user experience, filling out a web form and waiting, or getting real-time attention through chat?

I like the latter, I just installed the WordPress Facebook Messenger chat plugin. You're looking at it (lower right corner). Today, with so many people on Facebook there's a good chance they'll have Messenger open and more inclined to engage…

Using the Pantheon Web Hosting Platform for Education

I use the Pantheon web hosting platform in several of my web design classes at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines IL. During the semester students build two WordPress sites, one blogging site and one business website as their final project.…
Web design company chicago adoption-news-article

Omnichannel Digital Marketing Automation in the Adoption Space

röös design is helping to redefine digital marketing in the adoption space. We have expanded the number of channels for marketing adoption services for our client the Adoption Center of Illinois.