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Channel Art WorkYour Web site will rank high in search results if two conditions are met: 1) the content in the body of your Web page is relevant to the search query, and 2) 
you have quality links pointing to your Web site.
Before social media, third party links from relevant sites “a vote for your content” were the basis of Google’s PageRank system. Today, social media plays a much larger role; a link to your Web site’s blog, for example, from a Tweet, influences search results in the same way as the third party link of yesteryear. In addition, the author’s influence makes the link that much more powerful.

Google and Bing have successfully implemented social media and user engagement signals (Google is calling then signals) into Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Social media signals have all but replaced the external link (source of much spam) as one of the most important factors for better Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) rankings.

Search engines are continually improving search relevance and presentation. Bing’s relationship with Facebook allows Bing SERPS to include user behavior. Google doesn’t have the same relationship, but they do own their own social network, Google Plus, with their +1 button that similarly factors in recommendations from your social connections into your search results.

Twitter, as already mentioned, promotes the concept of author importance or authority. With regard to a Tweet, popular Twitter accounts, as you might expect, those with thousands of followers, but in turn, follow few others, score higher as authoritative authors. So, if you were to get one of these star powered tweeters to include a mention (with a link) to your blog, well then, you can imagine what this would do for your website’s search ranking. Hint: the day of the mention you would see a spike in Google Analytics’ “Audience Overview” tab.

So, in summary, here are four important social media signals to use for better SEO.
1. Links in Tweets (the author’s authority is also a factor)
2. Links on public Facebook pages
3. Facebook “Shares” and “Likes”
4. Links shared in Google+

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