The Internet and the World Wide Web (www) are Different

The Internet is a communications infrastructure that lets millions of computers worldwide communicate with each other. The World Wide Web (WWW) is a hyper-media information retrieval system providing universal access to documents worldwide. In other words, the WWW is a service operating over the Internet. As a comparison, other (older) services operating over the Internet include Email and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). 

The WWW connects computers called servers that provide information, as services, with computers requesting the service, e.g., your browser. The WWW delivers its payload (a Web page) using the Internet.

Using an analogy from the physical world , a transportation network (1) is very much like a digital network (2), both consist of physical infrastructure and software. In the case of a transportation network there are signalized intersections for controlling the flow of vehicles, while the Internet use routers to control the flow of data packets.