Web design company chicago adoption-news-article

röös design is helping to redefine digital marketing in the adoption space. We have expanded the number of channels for marketing adoption services for our client the Adoption Center of Illinois. When it was determined that Facebook ads were very unproductive, budgets were increased and shifted to expand Google and Bing Search network usage. The Google Display Network was recently added to maximize customer engagement using powerful segmentation techniques to reach the right customers, where and when they expect to be reached. Results are currently being tracked, analyzed and reported using AI assisted report generation techniques using data derived from Google Analytics to gain a better understanding of campaign performance.

Digital Marketing Experience

Using the Google Display Network – we are seeing good results.

  • Lower CPC (cost per click)
  • Higher conversion rates – significantly higher than industry average

Google Web Designer – HTML5 Ads

We build ten (10) HTML5 dynamic ads for mobile, tablet and desktop using Google Web Designer  (each ad is animated in some ways). HTML5 Ads are like mini web pages that require multiple file types to create the ad display and ad features.

Unbounce – Landing pages

We are currently running A/B tests to see if landing pages perform better than the landing page on the website.

Example #1
Web design company chicago adoption-news-article digital marketing

Example #2

Web design company chicago adoption-news-article-digital-marketing