Reasons for using a Content Management System

content management systemsToday’s design trend is to give organizations more, if not total, control over the day-to-day operations of their Web site once it has gone live.

Today’s design trend is to give organizations more, if not total, control over the day-to-day operations of their Web site once it has gone live. The demand for Web sites with more dynamic features has grown rapidly. Equally demanding is the requirement that these same dynamic Web sites perform well on all mobile devices. Our WordPress or WordPress or Drupal CMS solutions provide mobile support – iPhone, iPad, Android devices etc (responsive design).

Mobile eCommerce is also supported using responsive design methods, so your online store will display and work across mobile channels.
After going live with your new WordPress or Drupal Web site, you will have access to:

• User-Friendly Editing. No need to learn HTML or submit a change request to your IT department. If you can use a simple WYSIWYG editor, you’ll be able to use our WordPress or Drupal solution;

• Database-Driven Web Content. All of your web content will reside within the safe confines of an database. Menu hierarchies, category definitions, SEO assets and web content all reside within a database, neatly organized and ready for use by your site visitors;

• Advanced Design Control. Want to add a new menu item to a pull-down menu? Want to switch the order of the categories on your top navigation? With our WordPress or Drupal solution, it’s a snap — just a few mouse clicks and you’re done;

• SEO Intelligence. We will built your WordPress or Drupal solution in a way that helps you to search engine optimize your site. Very few content management systems have been developed with such an SEO-centric design;

• Advanced WebForm Creation. It’s easy to create and maintain user input forms. Use our WordPress or Drupal solution to select any information you want to collect from your Web site users; for example: name, email address, phone number and organization. Content managers can easily create web forms without coding;

• Automated Email Response. Immediately after your visitors fills out a form, a completely customizable and personalized email can be sent from your Web site to them. Use our WordPress or Drupal solution to easily create and configure the email response message. Your Web site management team can also immediately receive notification for quick follow-up;

• Easy File Management. Add/edit PDFs, images, videos and other rich content to your Web site with ease. No more asking IT to FTP your files to the Web site. Use our WordPress or Drupal solution to securely upload directly from your web browser;

• Data-Powered SEO. Interested in content that is SEO-optimized for every page on your site? Need a SEO-friendly page of content for every product offered? Our WordPress or Drupal solutions for Web site content allows you to intelligently generate this content with minimal effort, leveraging great content writing and great database-powered technology to efficiently create high-quality web content;

• Analytics and Conversion Tracking. We know that your Web site is all about getting results. With our WordPress or Drupal solution, you’ll be using analytics features for tracking users as they go through your site. Built-in features help you benchmark and improve conversion rates for key Web site goals.

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